Authentic Düsseldorf Altbier

Flavour of an Ale, Crispness of a Lager

Cold-conditioned over time to mellow out the fruitiness and produce an uber crisp yet robust flavour.

Specialty German yeast, imported German Noble Hops, and Canadian two row barley all blended to perfection by a German brewmaster.  Made in small batches with high quality filtered Ottawa water.

Traditional, award-winning recipe made just like the fine brews of Düsseldorf, where the Altbier style dominates and is still recognized as the best-tasting in all of Germany. 

Strictly adheres to the German Beer Purity Law and contains only the best water, Canadian two row barley, hops and a specialty yeast.

More robust & flavourful than the lighter Kolsh style.

Subtle fruitiness with notes of pear and apple. 

Grassy notes come through at the end.

Very easy-drinking with a satisfying level of pleasing bitterness and a malty backbone.



Alcohol: 4.5%

IBUs: 22

Availability: LCBO, Grocery, The Beer Store, Licensed bars & restaurants

Serving Suggestions: Ideal as a session beer and its clean finish makes LOKAL very versatile. Pairs well with salty snacks, grilled meats, lighter fish, and smoked meats. A perfect accompaniment to salads & lighter pastas. Great offset to creamy cheeses.

German Style Biers – Why are they so good?

With German style biers, yeast plays a very important role, second only to the skills of the brewmaster in blending just the right combination of hops and barley malts.

Beer production is no simple process, but the main distinction between German bier styles is whether the bier is made through top-fermentation or bottom-fermentation.

Without getting bogged down in all the details, top fermentation uses a different strain of yeast that works at a warmer temperature at the top.  Bottom-fermented biers use a specialty yeast that works at a colder temperature at the top. 

What makes a Düsseldorf Altbier style bier unique and uber crisp?

Altbiers are traditionally crafted with special ale yeasts fermented at cool ale temperatures (or 60-65 degrees F). 

The word ALT refers to the old style of brewing before bottom-fermenting yeasts were refined and broadly used in the mid 1800's –  as well as the longer aging time needed to cold ferment the bier to create the super crisp flavour.

So, Altbiers look like an ale, feature ale yeast and are hopped like an ale --- but are fermented at cooler temperatures like  lagers.  The result?  Robust crispness unlike any other beer!

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Other popular German style biers

German bier styles are as varied as they are delicious!  Here are just a few we are exploring:

  • Pilsner – German-style pilsners tend to be lighter in body, drier and a touch more bitter than their Czech counterparts – but very easy to drink and refreshing.
  • German Helles  -  more malt-driven, less hoppy than its Czech cousin and was born as an early German take on pilsner. 
  • Mailbock & Traditional Bocks – Strong, malty lager with 6-7% abv.  Generally have a toasty, bready, slightly sweet flavour.
  • Doppelbocks – are stronger, more malty bock beers and are generally darker in colour.  These are rich beers with a lot of carmelized sugar flavour notes.
  • Wheat Ales – are the classics of German style.  Hefeweizen is the most common and its cloudy appearance and banana and clove-like aromatics are due to the unusual yeast strain.
  • Kolsch – nice easy-drinking beer that produces a mild fruity flavour.   Of note, in the European Union today, the Kolsch name is protected and only breweries in the city of Cologne can label their beer  as a Kolsch.
  • Berliner Weisse and Gose – these sour biers have become increasingly popular with North American craft brewers.  They have a unique tartness and are one of the most refreshing beers you can drink.