About Us

We’re a family business here in Ontario and we discovered the outstanding quality of German brews through our many trips to various parts of the country, sampling fine brews along the way.   

We were particularly fascinated with the German Altbier style as it signifies the purity of German bier – made the same way today that it has been for centuries.  In fact, Altbier continues to reign as the dominant bier in the Lower Rhine areas of Germany, especially in the towns of Düsseldorf, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.

Since there are only a few Altbiers available in Canada, we decided to embrace the bier’s traditions and start brewing authentic Altbier right here in Ontario.  Our brewmaster is of German roots and our package design for LOKAL was created by a German designer.  We bring in specialty yeast and hops from Germany and strive to make LOKAL as authentically German as possible.

LOKAL Düsseldorf Altbier is our first bier – but we’re already exploring other distinctive German style biers to recreate in Ontario.  Stay tuned!