LOKAL Bier extends to you a hearty willkommen – welcome! 

Thanks for discovering LOKAL, where our goal is to do one thing really, really well – and that’s to delight Canadian drinkers with high quality biers true to the traditions of the finest German brews… but  all hand-crafted in Ontario.

We follow the 1516 Reinheitsgebot (beer purity law) and LOKAL bier contains only hops, barley, yeast and water.  We import specialty yeast and hops and blend these with the highest quality Canadian two row barley and double-filtered water. 

Sound simple?  Well, it’s actually pretty challenging to create a distinctive yet crisp refreshing flavour … and that’s where the secrets of the yeast, hops, brewing process and skill of the brewmaster come into play.

LOKAL Düsseldorf Altbier is our first bier --- and it delivers the flavour of an ale, with the crispness of a lager.

Say Hallo to LOKAL – new in June 2019.

Ja das ist gut!  [Yes, that’s good!]